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bOston brat

its all abOut the ghettOness

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Ok, there isn't really to many rules.. Just the basics..

1) You can post about anything, but i prefer if it was something to do about Boston bands. You can also post quizes, and any kind of graphics, as long as you make them or at least give credit to the person who made it. Anything I POST ON MY COMMUNITY, especially graphics BELONG TO ME, and if anyone steals them and claims them to be there's THERE WILL BE HELL TO PAY!

2) Try to be decent, don't fight with people, overly curse, or abuse any other member in any way what so ever, OR YOU WILL BE BANNED AND REPORTED!

3) If you are posting something pictures, an abundence of quiz results or anything long, please use the LJ cut.

4) Have fun, make friends, oh yeah and check out


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